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Handgun and  Ammunition

Aliran Nova


 Our Company offers great deal of amazing product from all over the world. For more information on any products or others, please contact us.

Our Story

ALIRAN NOVA was incorporated in 2003 with the main objective to cater for the demand for better quality products from both government and private agencies. In the early stage of the company formation, product range was limited to uniforms and head-to-toe equipment. With enough experience and  exposures to the defense and security field, ALIRAN NOVA has picked up the knowledge and expertise to supply more advanced products such as weapons, ballistic items and optronics.

ALIRAN NOVA continually develops new product range to cater for the market demand.  We supply the top-of-the-line products to our customers, and constantly engage and collaborate with suppliers to always be updated with the latest development and trend in the market.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. ALIRAN NOVA is here for you.

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