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OPTIX Diana IR Series - Thermal Imaging Devices

OPTIX Diana IR Series - Thermal Imaging Devices

SKU: 364215376135199

OPTIX DIANA IR series are multifunctional thermal imaging devices designed to be used by the Special forces and Law enforcement personnel while executing a wide variety of rescue missions and other military operations, regardless of the environmental conditions such as storm, dense fog, smoke, dust, snow or total darkness. These portable and lightweight thermal imaging monoculars can be used either as a spotter,  helmet mounted monocular or can be mounted also on a weapon through the quick mounting Picatinny mechanism /MIL-STD-1913/ for special tools and enabling easy target.


Diana IR series include:

  • Diana IR 25
  • Diana IR 35
  • Diana IR 50


DIANA IR can serve the following tasks:

  • target acquisition;
  • fire control;
  • tactical and strategical surveillance;
  • field reconnaissance.



    Key Characteristics:

    • 384x288 or 640x480 detector resolution
    • 25mm/35mm/50mm objective’s focal length;
    • Video output or wireless transmission;
    • Extremely compact and portable;
    • Versatile use: handheld, helmet mountable, weapon mountable
    • Human detection – >1000m
    • Human recognition - >300m
    • Vehicle detection - >2300m
    • Vehicle recognition - >700m

    12-month warranty for manufacturing defects


    Items will be delivered directly to you. Delivery time shall be according to the quantity ordered


    For government purchase only

Color: Black
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